Why are females so evil?

Ok here’s the deal. My ex-g/f (Jaime) and I are really good friends. And there’s this girl named Shab that really likes me, and a bunch of her friends were on my floor today. Last night i couldnt sleep so i went down to Jaime’s room to sleep down there, just becasue it was too loud on my floor. I came up this morning and Shab and her friends were in my way, and as I walked away I heard, “Is there an ugly girl named Jaime in your building?” WTH!?! Wut is wrong with these people?! Well from where I was standing my ex-g/f was a lot better looking that any of these girls, but thats not really the point…who would say that?! I felt like telling them off, but i was too tired to do anything about it…i’m working on another 3 hours of sleep. I’m up to 8 in the past 72 hours…yay!! Is there some “stupid-b!tch” gene that these girls have? why are they so opinionated? and why do they judge people? I mean seriously…the girl that said that must have gotten kissed by the Ugly Fairy on both cheeks. And the others got beaten by the Ugly Stick a loooong time ago. I just don’t understand people, and I fear that I never will…\r\roh well…i have a lot of work to do today, and I have a big test to study for tomorrow. Have a good day everyone…i know mine is going downhill already, and won’t stop until i reach the bottom. And it will probly end up crashing thru the bottom and into the Abyss. :slight_smile:

Are you always so joyful or is it just for us guys ??? Concerning your question (I doubt it was really a question) I don’t totally agree with you, but still women are evil. Just as men are, except they choose psychological pressure when we use fist-against-cheek pressure. Dunno what the worse is.\r\rpom 0]

i think the physical pressure is easier to deal with. I would rather be hit, then have someone use psychological warfare on me. I had a few things happen to me when I was little and it kind of screwed up my view of the world and how i deal with things. I’m sorry if I seem so depressing. I’m not usually like this. I’ll try to swing my attitude for you guys:)

Bah. Don’t worry about trying to understand other people, just try to understand yourself and things will sort themselves out on their own.\r\rEveryone is an enigma in their own right, but certainly not worth a waste of precious time (YOUR precious time I might add).\r\rPeople make mistakes and that’s a great way to fortify two of the most important characteristics you can have: patience and love.\r\r:)

have you considered homosexuality?\rmost gay guys hate women. \r\rbesides that point, her name’s Jaime. is she french? if so, hot damm, keep her or at least try to win her back. then you could show those stupid arabian *****es that they’re not good enough for you. they then may run away or have a pillow fight or something. but you’ll come out victorious. i’m assuming you live in a dorm. what you could also do is knock on their door hysterically in the middle of the night then run away. that might do something. you could also set their laundry aflame. simple yet elegant: wait for them to launder their stuff, light a match and stick it in, then set the laundry machine to BLAZING INFERNO!!! lol, j/k. most laundry machines don’t have that setting. anyway, good luck destroying people’s lives.

lol, thanks Thor…well here’s the deal. Jaime is my ex-g/f and I’m not worried about winning her back because our relationshp now is more healthy than it was when we were actually going out. Now we just sleep together occasionally and we’re both nicer to eachother. I don’t really care about revenge on these girls…but I just don’t understand why these people cant keep their mouths shut. but it don’t matter, i’m over it. I’m going to get dinner with Jaime. Cheers.

All those replies and not a single answer the original question; Girls are evil because they are all inherently born with the WITH gene. WITH stands for (Wacked in the Head). Its a new genetic strand discovered in 1999 and now realized to be the Wacked in the Head strand that causes all girls to basically act like they are wacked in the head. Now you have your answer. It is in their genes…\r\rPHILisophically yours-\rpj

And men are evil coz they keep their genes in their jeans…what??? did I say that??? (hee hee hee) Not ALL girls are evil - just MOST of them…:lol: - I mean this Jamie is a girl too right… :slight_smile: \r(sorry, just had to defend us females…:slight_smile: )

Your picture has changed and you are now only 7. Go get your mom and lets see what she says…Hmmmmm. \r\rpj

My fiance is not evil, or wacked. Granted, I got lucky, and waited through some pretty wacked times to get to this point, but they are out there. I believe it has to do more than anything with Testosterone levels and Estrogen levels.\r\rTestosterone makes people want to procreate, but makes them very logical… low emotion level. Estrogen makes people just basicaly insane, and very emotional. Everyone, men and women alike have both in their systems. If you have a balance of both, then they even each other out well, and you have a well balanced male or female, too much of either, and you’ve got one of the two types… Dogs and cats my friends, dogs and cats.

Uppy-\r Is this your PHILosophy of Ying Yang? Your girlfriend might be ok now but wait till the stars align in just the right way, she will be having your kids bob phor imaginary apples that don’t exist in the bathtub…They are TOO wacked in the head.\r\rpj\rthe cynic

OMG…about that chick that drowned her kids?! how screwed up is that?! she chased them around the house! unbelievable…she claims demons were around her, and that the only way to save her children from the pits of hell, was to drown them…unreal…what is the world coming to?

The question is not; ‘What is this world coming too, but rather what has it come to’\r In case you haven’t noticed or come to this conclusion thus far;\r Mankind has repeatedly demonstrated it’s total inability to govern itself.\r Have you ever noticed that Mankind pollutes everything it comes in contact with and riddles it with amazing levels of corruption, greed and selfishness, murder and war, rape and pillaging, theft and lying and every other thing that is repulsive to any and all of us. And it is ever increasingly becoming more corrupt and perverse, not better. Earth has actually had manufacturing lines of death, murder and genocide set up factory style…And I have no doubt it will happen again and again and matter of factly already has. The Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, Burma, Rwanda, Bulgaria, Romania…I call it the World Pathos and it is startling when one takes off the blinders and realizes the true nature of the world we live in.\r\rpj\rphilosphically present

i completely agree. and its not so much that individuals are evil and wrong. well, not the majority. Hitler was wrong, Stalin was wrong. Ted Bundy was evil…But as a while the human race has destroyed the planet and everything that we come in contact with. and it blows my mind every time i hear about some new catastrophy. Makes me want to pack up my things, go out to a field and wait to be abducted.

I have no clue why women are so evil. And how did you come up with this conclusion? Are you coming up with it based on this experience alone or have you had multiple negative experiences with women.\r\rAlong the same lines, why are men so evil? Why did my exboyfriend cheat on me and when I literally walked in on the act, why did he decide to punch me in the face and wrestle me to the ground on the spot? Am I insane for reacting? Was I stepping out of line when I demanded some answers? Am I being ridiculous for getting pissed off when he refuses to pay me back the $1200 he owes me?\r\rAlong the same lines, why do men rape women? Hit women? Kill women? Kill eachother? Blow eachother up? Is this really worst than being called names? Don’t you think physical abuse plants seeds of psychological damage as well?\r\rThoripes: gay people hate women??? Where did you get that? I don’t know what kind of gay people you’ve met but the ones that I know do not hate women. Needless to say, gay men aren’t attracted to women - but they’re pretty genuine people. Some might not like that the negative stigmas attached to women (for instance sexually active gay men might be called “sluts” instead of “studs”).\r\rAt any rate, there are evil men and women alike.

well most men’s actions can be explained away with the fact that most men are a bit closer to the animistic side than women (anyone know that a womans’ corpus collasum is larger than a mans’?)…perhaps that could explain why most serial killers are white males…type A personalities. \r\rit could also explain why a man might cheat on you with someone who simply is more attractive or different. women, it seems would be better off with women! JK…at least that 's what my sister, who is taking female studies at school now, keeps telling me! \r

You could also say that men encourage eachother to be more violent: “don’t be a fag” or “don’t be a @#%$.” Sensitivity and peace is bad for you macho men.\r\rGay men weren’t denied from the military because of fear that they will check out other men in the fox hole. If they were in there, military officers simply couldn’t use “fag” and “homo” to whip the men into shape. What’s more threatening than questioning your sexuality, power and masculinity? What better way to shape soldiers that will obey orders (because you would be a “fag” if you don’t) with no question and fight for a cause they don’t fully know about.\r\rOr, since emotional expression is discouraged, it gets bottled up and eventually explodes and manifests itself into violent acts of hatred such as school shootings (wherin, coincidentally, all the major perpetrators were male). Who’s crazy now?\r\rMost serial killers are males? Most convicted criminals in general are males.

Rennigirl,\r But never, ever forget these facts; That for every male serial killer their was a woman giving birth and also the same for convicted criminals. It’s obviously the womans fault, therefore…\r\rpj\rslicker than willie

There is a very good, true story about a gay troop of German soldiers during WWII. These guys had to serve, but couldn’t be put into the general population of soldiers so the German government basicaly banded them together. Their kill ratio was higher than any other german troop. People who love each other fight harder for each other.\r\rjust a side line.\r\rOh and Phil, you’re dispicable :slight_smile:

Most of the women i asked said they’d rather be men…!