_alpha is acting up!?

I have a problem with “rotation” alpha values.


Alpha is 100, I keep adding to it for one reason or another, and suddenly the graphic dissapears (when alpha is several thousand), I keep adding, and it comes back with 100% visibility, keep adding, dissapears, keep adding, comes back. Et cetra.

Why? How can I stop it?

I used to have a reason for this but I forgot it. Just stop adding to it when it’s over 100.

Just stop adding to it when it’s over 100.

That won’t solve anything unfortunatley. I need the alpha to go over 100 for several reasons.

If alpha is 1000 and decreases by 1 per second it will take 1000 seconds for something to become invisible, if alpha is 100 it will take 100 seconds, etc.

Use a seperate variable to count.

True, although it gets a fair bit more complicated like that.

I just find it odd how flash makes high or low numbers of alpha act up like that. Adding enough alpha per second the objects just starts flickering like hell =(

you can only set the alpha to a maximum of 12799, from there it inverts back to the negatives. So when the alpha hits 12800 it will thus become -12800

Thanks for clearing that up, appriciated.