I’ve got a yellow square with a thin black frame around it. When using the command for this movieclip

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
if (_height<300) {

the square gets higher and higher but the frame gets thiker and thiker. But I want the same thin line around my new, larger square as I had before. Do you know, how to do this?



turn it into a movie clip and use movieclipname._height=

that should give you the desired results.


It’s a movieclip but the result is the same. The frame is growing in the same way as the square is. Is it a bug? What can I do?


Assuming the thin black line is a line and not a fill set the line property to hairline.

It is already a hairline but when the hight reaches a certain amount (e.g. 300) the line gets fatter, not much but you can see it.



I think it is stretching the movie clip and thus stretching the line making it look thicker. I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I can think of a work around: why don’t you create a masked rectangle that moves up… so it appears to be getting stretched, but the line will not change.