Could someone help me out with this please?

I have attached a zip… I’ve tried to make this work… Basically i have main.swf which loadmovies another movie called external.swf.

When i press the button to load the external.swf i have a movie clip that becomes visible containing the text loading.

When the external.swf cycles to the end of its timeline and stops id like the loading MC contained in the main.swf to go back to being not visible.

I cant figure out how to get the external.swf to tell the loading MC to go back not visible…

I have a reason that i want the loading MC to appear i’m not just being backward and not using a preloader at the begining of external.swf

Thanks very much for any help, :nerd: :slight_smile:

Is this how you meant?

Thats it! Thankyou very very much!

That musta seemed really simple to you since you replied to fast lol

Thanks again!