_x and _y works with LoadMovieNum?


i can choose the position where i’d like to load a movie using LoadMovieNum? if yes, can you tell me the code.


You can set the _x and _y property of a level just like any movie clip:


pom :cowboy:


What’s symbolName exactly? A clip? [SIZE=1] I hope not! :P[/SIZE]

I put this code on my movie, but doesnt work

the simbol name is “la”

onClipEvent (load) {
la._x = 250;
la._y = 50;


and the movie doesnt load, why?

Hi onno,
i don’t know why it doesn’t work? :frowning:
but i tried this code and it works,

loadMovie("panel.swf", "la");
la._x = 300;
la._y = 50;

but it’s on frame, when i tried to use it in MovieEvent it doesn’t work :q:

pom … sniffle why you makin fun of me.

i have that code in my movie and it works ;(

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

And it really works? Because loadMovieNum is supposed to load in a level, not in a clip. That’s why I found it strange that you would do that. But if it works… my bad :slight_smile:

pom :cowboy:

you so cool pom!