0.1 ? Cant get x/y to stay what i tell it

Why would flash think it’s allowed to do this?

I put in a co-ord like, say -260 and it decides, NO, IM GOING TO PUT IT AT -260.1. and if I say NO i want you at -260 i hit enter to confirm and it changes to -260.1 !!

I even try to compromise with the program, ‘alright’ i say 'lets just do 261. BUT NO. Then it changes to 261.1 ??? Any ideas?

~~ Seretha :love: but frustrated !!!:h:

:slight_smile: Flash does this for me too and everyone of course. To stop Flash from doing this, you just gotta tell it more than once that you want the co-ord to be -260. Once it changes to -260.1, whoop Flashes azz and just change the co-ords to -260**.0**. All you needed was to add the .0 in there and tha biznitch will behave. That should tame the little whipper snapper (lol).

  • Hope that helped :thumb:.