1 button to show array'words 1 by 1

anyone who know how to make the words in array come out using 1 button 1 by 1.actually is to make a next button to ask the array to show the next word in the array ,but what i want is the next button n the start button is only 1 button.

another question is how to let the word in array come out 1 by 1 with specific place(mean that a place that i already gived a name so that the word will show in that place).

anyone who know pls reply me,thanks

don’t understand??wat i mean is :1 . have an array that already key in names in each box.2.how am i use 1 button cliclk to call the first word in the array to come out, click the button again the second word in the array will come out, and so on.3. the word have voice match to it ,how to call out the array with the voice together.

let’s say i have array call - click_array=new array();
n have a button to click to call the array out .
first click is call out click_array[0],second click is call out click_array[1],third is call out click_array[2].

wat i already done is call call out the array but it is come out all together.how i call out them 1 by 1.wat i try is use the external file to call out the array.

textBox.text = click_array*;

Would that work for you?

hi, thanks for ur code i put it at the check button’s action.izzit i have to create a text which name as textBox?? but the word cannot come out . what things tat i miss out ?

here , i attach the fla file i done with ur code .tell me what is the problem with it .thanks.

[left]hi, i done it already,but if like tat fix it in a same dynamic text i can’t make the answer appears n stop at there.when i click the second answer the first answer will disappear. i want to ask that is it possible i use 3 dyanmic text n ask the array to call out the item of the array come out 1 by 1 just like wat i did when using the 1 dynamic text(textBox)?[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]thanks anyway~~[/left]

hi, the code can’t work , it just work for the first answr only

I was laying down the groundwork for a simple thing that would just cycle through an array once. It worked for me, but if you want the whole enchilada on a plate with a side of hot sauce, here ya go: Make a button, call it ‘market’ (I’m bad with naming things…). Make a dynamic textbox and give it the instance ‘textbox’. Put these actions in the first frame and hit Ctrl+Enter. However, the counter should activate after the call to the textbox or else it skips the very first one:

myArray = ["first","second","third","fourth","fifth","sixth","seventh"];
textbox.text = "Hi, Freddy!";
market.onPress = function(){
	textbox.text = myArray*;

hi,izzit put the code on the first frame but inside there got on(press),it come out error box when i put it on the first frame .y like tat?

Yes, the code goes in the first frame just like it is. I guess I didn’t say this before, the code goes on the first frame of the movie, not the button. The on(press) is in the 4th line of code. (market.onPress = function(){…) Here: