1 Class - Multiple cunstom events?

Hi! I’m playing with custom events for a scrollbar class.

one like this:

	import flash.events.*;
	public class ScrollBarEvent extends Event{
		public static const VALUE_CHANGED = "valueChanged";
		public var scrollPercent:Number;
		public function ScrollBarEvent(sp:Number):void{
			scrollPercent = sp;

So I’ve got a ScrollBarEvent.VALUE_CHANGED event. BUT:

what if I want to also have a couple more events of the same event type, like for example:

ScrollBarEvent.UP_FINISHED and ScrollBarEvent.DOWN_FINISHED ?

It seems that a custom event class can have only 1 event… But why can I have multiple events like MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, MOUSE_UP, CLICK, ecc… ?

I’m sure I’m loosing something… :look:

Can you suggest me something? :slight_smile: