100th Post Party!

Welcome to my 100th post party! I have 100! Oh yeah!:cyclops: I though i would never do it.
Thank You, Thank You:*(

Congrats mdipi.com, your party is “jumpin”!

I see you are still doing that little dance:P

boogie on brother-man:cool:


HAHAH, yeah I am still boogie-ing on…er whatever thats called.

Watchin Saturday Night Fever and all :stuck_out_tongue:

did you go with the white liesure suit?:slight_smile:

and don’t forget the chains… :stuck_out_tongue:

<i>he says as he does “the hustle” across the room</i>

da dun da da dun dun da da…:stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHA!!! =)

Lostinbeta…check your PM…:stuck_out_tongue:

<i>she’s a brick…House…

She’s mighty mighty…</i>

uh-oh, I’ve got the boogie fever…

Rev:elderly: :stuck_out_tongue:

boooogie! Oh yeah… :crazy:

Let’s get my post count up!! :stuck_out_tongue:

<i>boogie on down…
boogie on down…
boogie on down the road </i>

he says as he trips while trying to moonwalk… :stuck_out_tongue:


man sorry to be a party pooper but i am bummed that my footer only works one time. it sucks!:*(