2 1/2-3hr pixel art

wow! i dont think i worked strait through on this one…but anyway, 75-80% is colored by hand… it took forever. and on top of that i was useing a new perspective so i was like master of cntrl+alt+z…

:crazy: i gotta headache now


colored by hand? Why are you torturing yourself like that?
Want me to call the paramedics? :slight_smile:

that was the only way to get the color i wanted… but in that case, go ahead…

[SIZE=1]::calling the paramedics::[/SIZE]

They’re coming to take you away, Ha ha, hee hee… :slight_smile:


you can’t be old enough to remember that tune…

must be that you heard it on an oldies station?

maybe you have older siblings?

if you are… then keep doing what you are… :beam:


lol rev…your avitar…: choke :
/me keels over backwords in chair