2 dimensioneal slider...?

What I want is to create a 2d/flat site wich is larger than the normal screen size… for easy viewing I want the site to move related to the mouse movement so that when you drag your mouse left the entire site kinda moves to the right, and by that permits the viewer to browse the site without using the scroll bars…
It should work like the example in this link, but not only horizontal, but also vertical…


Any help will be greatly appreciated - Thanx in adv.
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this thread should give you a start. The only thing is, you’ll be working with both _y and _x instead of just _x.

Try out some of the stuff in there and if you have specific questions ask them here in this thread.

I’m kind of a newbie in flash, so allthough I’ve read the post in the link, I still don’t know where to start… There several problems… At first I can’t figure out how to use these codings in both axes, and second; since it’ll be the entire site wich is moving I want the sliding to stop when it reaches the the border of the site…
There would’nt happen to be any downloadable .fla file containing something like this to start with…?
Thanx in adv…

You mean something like this?
you can download the .fla here:


and if that don’t work for you, write back and I’ll try to make an explination FLA