2 layout competitions info


first i must apologize you all for what i’m doing, but i’m in real 4 need… :frowning:

please understand me…

there’re two layout desing contests

1st contests’ prize:

-5000pln (~1250 USD)

2nd contests’ prizes:

-swift3d v3 standalone
-book from peachpit.com or helion.pl
-macromedia t-shirt
-contract for converting layout into site

the deal is, that if you want to take part in those, you have to have a link…
i’ll… i’ll give it to you if you’ll share with me your prize, if you’ll win (let’s say 20%)
i really don’t like what i’m doing, but i’m really in need of $…:

i can supply you with polish translation (sites are polish)

Eeehm … I think everybody needs money, but I don’t think someone will do that …


hmmm … if u want the prize why don’t u create something urself ?

i don’t stand a chance - no php, xml knowledge…

I think they’ll need more than 20% :wink: You’d have to do something to earn 80%

hmm… find a job? :frowning:

no! i mean that you take 80% - i take 20% !!!
uh… :’(

20% of $1250 is $250… surely there’s a much easier way to get money than winning it in a competition…?

fluid, check out my thread, if you want i will give you the grey layout. ytou just edit it and fill with content

asphalt - give an example

midipi - which thread?

*Originally posted by fluid_0ne *
asphalt - give an example
how about… ooh… I dunno… a job?

says Two Possible layouts or somehtin, aww what the heck:


asphalt - i study and i have no time to find a job…
midipi - it’s a schools’ site, so this design won’t fit…

oh well, cant say i didnt try, i dont have time to make another, or i would

thx for trying at least :wink: