2 new photogallery things

<not sure if this should be here or in FlashMX2004 forum>
Hey guys, I just finished up 2 little projects, both photogallery type swfs. Anyway, one is just for me and my own personal site, the other for my fraternity’s site.

XML/dynamic gallery:

Map gallery:


The XML gallery is completely dynamic. Everything you see, except for the line borders and arrows are generated by AS. An XML file broken into galleries, pictures, and captions is loaded first. From that file, it will search through the files in the relative directory to grab the actual photos, then load them and display them. I’m having some trouble getting the preloaders to display properly, so let me know if they give you issues as well.

As for navigation, click a gallery, then click a thumbnail, the left/right arrows, or use the left/right keys on the keyboard.

The map gallery (2nd link) is me just getting used to Flash 8. I really enjoy the new Tween class (gives a heck of a lot more options for AS coders like me). Not every room has pictures yet – I’m still going around the house taking photos, haha.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!