2 Row OS X-Like Menu, Constrained to Stage, with Jello Movement

Okay, I admit it the subject line is a little over the top. Here is the idea:

I have 2 rows with 6 buttons on each row, total of 12.
I have a certain stage size to work within, 710x200.

The buttons are 107x97 with 7 pixel spaces between each button and the row.

When I rollOver a button it should scale 150%. The other buttons should all react to this action by first moving out of the way of the rolled over button, and
at the same time scaling themselves down to stay within the boundaries of the stage.

I found an OSx dock example that I messed with to demo a small part of this.

The attached file only scales the button and moves the other buttons out of the way. It NEEDS to be 2 rows. It should also scale the buttons in a reactive way to make them stay visible inside of the stage area.

Thanks in advance.