2 small questions

First question: I am making my text move back and forth, and making it rotate as it moves. Now when I get finished I select all the frames then create a motion tween. Now when I go back through the timeline, none of the text is rotated, it is just straight up. Any ideas on that?

Second question: If I were to make the frames per second like 5, would that lower the quality of the movie?


First answer : you have to turn your text into a movie clip;
Second question : it will make it jerky. Just try and you’ll see.

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how do I make my text a movie clip?

To convert text to a movie clip, all you have to do is select the text and hit F8 on the keyboard and select movieclip and name the clip or you can go to the modify menu and click convert to symbol. This should help, don’t forget to name your instance.

Hope it helps!