20 bucks to the first person who can help me with this simple problem

hi there,

My name is brandon. i have this website with a flash JOIN MAILING LIST FORM. Here is the link:http://www.brandonparis.com/upload/Newsletteremailsubmission.fla
.its very simple it just has a email input line with a variable name “YMLPO” <–that name is a must. then there is one submit button.

when you enter your email address and press submit, your email address should be sent to this MAILING LIST PROVIDER (called YLMP a mailing list company provider) which logs into my account then enters the email address. unfortunately it does not. and im very sure its because the action script does not tell it to send the variable line(named "YMLPO"which is the email input) to enter on the site.

below is the fla. i took everything else out except the form so its simple as hell. just try entering your email address and press submit. it will say" you forgot to enter your email address"

here is what i have in the action scrip so far:

on (release) {
getURL(“http://www.ymlp.com/subscribe.php?brandonparis”, “_blank”);

the part that says “brandonparis” is my account. it logs in properly but the email deosn’t get entered becasue as you can see there is nothing that tells it to in the actionscript.

***here is a link to an HTML version which works perfectly when you enter your email and press submit. this may help you with figuring how to make the FLASH version work. http://www.brandonparis.com/upload/testformHTML.htm

who ever figures this out i will pay them 20 bucks. just give me a link to your paypal or give me your address which i can send you a money order. this is so important i get this fixed.

thank you all so kindly


ps also here is my email addres : [email protected] can you please email and let me know that you solved my problem. thank you so much! you can use my email address to give me your mailing address for me to send you a money order providing that you actually solved the problem. if for soem reason it took you much longer than you thought i may be willing to pay you more.