2a HQ

well the thread got old and deleted, but… anyone got the pic of the 2advanced HQ, dont remember who put the post.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

h88 posted it…run a google serch

the thread isn’t deleted, just adjust the amount of time to over 30 days…

they are all still there.

We don’t have the time to go and delete threads…



Or search for it

The thread is still there but the images posted by H88 are missing.

ohhh, i guess the hq is a old wooden thingy where you can’t even walk without being ducked or something like that :slight_smile:

no the 2A HQ is a beautiful studio.

i know, i like creamed my pants when i saw it, it seems like such a nice working enviornment. Edwin used to do sound there.

i had the links to 2a’s HQ, but the site where they were hosted at (www.muked.com) is down… i only got this pic saved on my disk though…

Macromedia’s HQ are really cool too…


haha… i like the putting green and the merry-go-round they have in there :beam:

*Originally posted by ahmed *
**Macromedia’s HQ are really cool too…

Bad link bro, you got me all curious and now I can’t see it!

yeah same here! i want to see it! rev has been there i think.

oh crap… sorry, here’s the link:


sweet! i like the ‘cabana’

hahah that box with the lighted flash logo, is that a Lite Brite or whatever it was called? I like those things!! sigh…the memories. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see more pics of the 2a hq



Wow, how many people work for 2a ?!

2a’s offices are nice, but during the bubble, it would have been considered conservative…

then again, that is prob why they are still in business. That and the fact they never paid the outrageous prices for rent we have in SF…


yeah how many DO werk for them? cause that seems pretty big.

I had no idea that 2a were so big! I’ve seen their site and read an article or two about them but never imagined that they would have such large and what may well have been expensive offices. Pretty nice :). Thanks for the pictures.