can you rotate a 2D object like it is 3d

if not on FLash what software can

Flash MX can do this with a good amount of actionscript… depending on what you want to do you could also use any other 3d rendering program: Swift 3D, Studio MAX, Adobe Dimensions (small program that is cheap and easy to use, not for extream complexity), etc.

What exactly are you trying to do?


just turn a 2d object as if it was 3D

say you have a road with a vanish point


so it goes off in the distance

now say you have a normal 2d picture how would you tilt it back so it goes on the road

this is hard to explain.

yeah I dont think I quite understand:

how would you tilt it back so it goes on the road

is there an example you could give alink to, or possibly a more elaborate explanation.


or do you mean to move the horizon (vanish point) lower so it appears that you are actually driving on the road?

You can’t “tilt” anything in 2D, but you can give the illusion by skewing it with the free transform tool, bpper corners closer together to make it smaller…

ok :frowning:

try to think of it like this

i have a flat picture and i want to spin round…yes

thats it becoz from then i can do the rest

how do you make a picture spin

if you have a photo… sorry your out of luck, unless you want to use photoshop and try out some skewing, and shiftiing techniques as eyezberg suggested… can you post the image you are trying manipulate?