Okay I finally got things worked out with Newegg/UPS and received my second gig of ddr2. It was a huge performance increase. I recommend everyone get 2gb of ram that owns a mbp.

A buddy of mine recently gloated that his mobo supports up to 8 GB of RAM, and when I discussed it with my Fixer, he said, 'Most apps now aren’t threaded to use more than 2 or 4, so what’s the point (even with a core 2 duo)? Granted, you could set it so each processor draws on 4GB all to itself, but that still leaves me wondering - yeah, it’s fast, but until 64 bit systems are the standard, what are the benefits of having so much RAM if your applications can’t do anything with it? Even if your FSB on the ram and CPU is high, won’t it still run into bottlenecks? I’ve got 4GB of ram on my G5 at work, but it’s only 667 FSB and I really don’t see a remarkable difference over my conroe box with 2 GB running at 1066 FSB. Also - the RAM modules that come in G5s, do they even make those for PCs yet?

2gb here on a MacBook, definetly a huge increase from 512. Once all the software is UB, MB/MBPs’ will be fine as a ‘do everything’ machine. Barring 3d work from the MB, though.

■■■■, 384 on my laptop:(
will be bumping it up to a gig since ram here is kinda expensive:(
but for my new pc, i will definitely get at least 2gig:D

where do you live?

I went from 1 > 3G because the battlefield2 editor is a mem hog.

Seeing as my system never really showed 1G being used I didn’t think it would make much difference if any… But it does and it is worth it…

what are the benefits of having so much RAM if your applications can’t do anything with it?
One application might not, but thats what multi tasking is for…

Yeah, I’ve got 2gb in each of my desktops.

Recently upgraded my laptop from 256mb to 1.2gb. Went from ZOMGthisISanABSOLUTEdog!!! to YAYiCANfinallyUSEphotoshop!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been stuck with 1gig for 3years now… my friends got 2gig and all the same parts pretty much and you can easlily tell the difference switching between games (he had CS:S open Unreal and Cod2 switched though them a lot faster than mine).