3d and depth

I’m trying to have a 3d text revolve around an object.

suppose the object’s depth is 0 and the text revolve 100 units around the object which means that each individual letters ( which duplicated clips from a dynamic text animation ) changes depth at every frame from 100 to -100.

The problem is that i can’t make the letters go around the object.

I checked every letters depths and they are correct. What i’m assuming is that the original text animation is on a different depth than the object ( say 1 ) and each individual letters are on different sub-depths, not related directly to the root, so it would be something like:

_root.text_mc.letter.getDetph() > _root.object.getDepth()

even though,

_root.text_mc.letter.getDepth() = -100


_root.object.getDepth() = 0

Have any experienced that kinda problem? How were you able to get around that?