3d graphics

Thanx Kirupa, these forums have been of great help.
Can any one tell me some links about cool 3d background pictures or images to download,thanx

well you can downloade on my website… sarkan.cjb.net

remember its for desktop wallpapers use only…

Very nice job Sarkan !! I especially like those people you draw. You should explain how you do that stuff…

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Thanx… well yah i am going to do that on my next verision of the website…

Great ! By the way, about the tools you use, do you know the price of those softs ? And are all of them necessary ?

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Well no all of them arent nesecery and yes i know the prise of them all … and thay are very very expencive…

but i get it registerd by my school… becouse im a student…

dont know really what im sopose to do when i graduate… =(

Simply find a job, become the next Bill Gates, and take over the firms that developed those softs so that you can use them freely. Simple.

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What are you studying ? And where ? (I saw that kudistan background… any connection ?)

yahh right the next bill gates… that wold be something… @#%$

Yes i am from Kurdistan… but i live here in Sweden.
im studying New Media in a really @#%$ up skole her in sweden… but im soon going to move to San fransisco … i have been Acepted at the Academy of art collage =) nice huuu…

im saving upp for it right now…

Hey Sarkan, thanks but I can’t get into your site ???

its becouse of the hevy graphics… try agin… there should be a preloader…

unfortunatly, now I have to wait until I get to my house tonight to try it, here at work I don;t have access to every site, they have a web blocker…(WEBSENSE).

what was the url ??


URL: h t t p : / / s a r k a n . c j b . n e t sarkan.cjb.net

Thanx, very niz site