3D Kitchen and Bedroom


I was wondering if you can share your opinion about a project that I would like to develop.

Here is what I have in mind: I have developed already a small 2D Flash
application that helps visitors design interactively their dream kitchen using furniture modules (see http://www.sipro.ro/catalog/custom.php?products_id=82 for a kitchen and http://www.sipro.ro/catalog/custom.php?cPath=38&products_id=90 for a bedroom) and this is a part of a furniture shop based on OsCommerce opensource for e-commerce online applications.
It is a simple click-modules-to-snap-to-scene Flash, with on-scene cursors
indicating current position for next insertion of base, tall or wall modules, undo, erase scene, insertion direction and buy buttons. A special case was brought to the bedroom scene where it is the possibility of inserting the bed in the corner first, so i had to split the scene in a frontal view and a lateral view, selectable by radio-buttons.

Now I would like to raise the stake to a higher level and allow people build the same thing as follows:

  • select modules from pull-down menus (each option from menu is brought from a database containing a short text and a small icon) on categories (base, tall, wall modules)
  • on select, the icon of selected module snaps to the mouse and becomes a real 3D object which can be placed and snapped in a 3D kitchen scene by another click of the mouse;
  • on each 3D module placement, 2 dynamic fields are updated, total width and total price (but that’s easy, it comes from database also);
  • now comes the tricky part. I need to see the final scene from whatever angle I need (based on a fixed camera in the centre of the kitchen) and especially from orthogonal views;
  • and to be even harder :slight_smile: I need to put at the end some textures at will on the scene modules;
  • other than that, but that is SF already, I would like to build online
    realistic 2D renderings, based on pre-rendered modules.

So… if you are not cutting your veins already :D, let me ask you this: IS IT POSSIBLE? Or am I aiming too high? If yes, please share some tips, I really need all the guidance that I could get.