3D MotorBike Racing - Multiplayer Flash game

Please test and comment on this yet to be fully released game (please do not distribute this version):

It is a 3D motorbike racing game with Multiplayer functionality.
All levels are open for playing for this week (for testing reasons).

The game extends from the previous 3d Rally Racing adding in a new multiplayer mode featuring smart fox server.

The game engine has been updated to support basic walls and billboard type objects, as well as been improved for performance and offering 4 modes of quality settings (to maximise performance on slower machines).

Your character and bike can be customised with 6 separate parts to colour. The total number of pre-rendered images that make up the 3d bike is over a whopping 1800 separate pngs. All of which are squeezed down to fit inside the 4MB game along which also includes over 1MB of audio aswell as the obvious graphical assets that are used throughout the 6 tracks.

The game uses a background loading system to reduce pre-load time.

In multiplayer mode you can even mess around and play with the live chat.

Enjoy and if you find bugs then please also provide your computer spec, thanks.

Produced by Lets Design, [URL=“http://www.percypea.co.uk”]PercyPea Ltd and [URL=“http://emisign.blogspot.com/”]Fermi Salim. Sponsored by [URL=“http://www.ballerarcade.com/”]BallerArcade.com