3D rolling ball for billiards game


I am making a 2D billiards game with flash 8, but I want that the balls have a 3D aspect.
I have proven to prerenderer images from 3DMax, but they make too many frames 360x360x360… In addition I have been with the famous problem of the Gimbal-Lock.
So I decided to do it in 3D. And after solving the ****ing Gimbal-Lock, I have found the painted ball problem. If you zoom the movie, you can see that does not finish painting the lines well…

It’s possible to use curveTo() instead of moveTo() so that it is left an aspect more rounded.

I attached the source code of the ball rotating in 3D. (you use the arrow keys to move it).

Thank you very much and pardon by my English…
I hope that you can help me.