3d Spinning Images - Merry-go-round effect


This is my first post and wanted to say what a great site, i found the above tutorial and wanted to know how i would go about adding different images to the panes instead of having the same image repeated.

Any advice/help would be great!

I’ve added the below bit of actionScript from the page that i think i have to alter but don’t know how to…

[COLOR=red]"// attach each pane in a loop and arrange them in a
// circle based on the circumference of the circle
// divided into steps
angleStep = 2*Math.PI/8;
for (i=0; i<8; i++){
attachedObj = theScene.attachMovie(“pane”, “pane”+i, i);
attachedObj.angle = angleStep * i;
attachedObj.radius = 100;
attachedObj.x = Math.cos(attachedObj.angle) * attachedObj.radius;
attachedObj.z = Math.sin(attachedObj.angle) * attachedObj.radius;
attachedObj.y = 40;
attachedObj.display = displayPane;
[COLOR=black]Thanks for your help[/COLOR]