3d studio max 7!

Just went to a conference on it and it looks real good. FOr all you folks out there considering 3d apps. Discreet is being very aggressive in the market as far as pricing and features. Max is looking great. I just noticed they have it on their site now. Wasnt up there the other day. Should be shipping early next month so says the presenter.

Max is looking great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? 7 already? Has 6 even been out a year yet? Were there even any updates put out for 6? I havent even finished learning particle flow 2 yet!

It looks nice and all but geez… I cant keep up.

I just get version 6 one week ago :frowning:

People have barely mastered 5.

Looks good though. Another stash of thousands is not coming out of my (er, dads) pocket this time.

It’ll be a waste to upgrade from 6 to 7 (for someone like me who hasn’t barely touched it).

Sounds great though :thumb:.

discreet* is releasing a new version every 10 months, they are quickly losing a big max following for not offering “worthy” upgrades.

Yea, why not just offer patches? :sigh: :frowning:

All the developers are sitting pretty with all their money. I think they can spare some time out of their lavished lives to accrue more :wink:

these updates are not patches and for once wont qualify as point releases. Which discreet is notorious for. Overall I think it is good that they are doing it this way. Puts pressure on the other guys. Maybe Newtek will get their heads out of their Arses and come correct for LW9

Also puts pressure on Alias (Maya), too, I guess.

Also on erain with swift 3D :lol:


WTF Maya 6 was released a few months ago so i really dont know what your talking about :confused:

What max is doing is building there user base back up. ANd with that comes more studios using it. So yea it does put pressure on everybody. Even though maya was released months ago. Max is growing by leaps and bounds based on this aggressive market re-entry. I sat through a presentation from discreet and they are very ambitious in their venture. I just hope LW comes out of the dark ages before I have to switch to modo, which looks pretty **** awesome.

Yeah, what DDD said is what I meant in that it’s become a sort of competition in the 3D market since there are such few pieces of software capable of CG.

So, my cross-dressing friend, with new versions comes new features. Companies may decide to migrate towards MAX if it can do what Maya comes short in. I think at this point both are pretty much on par with each other, though.