3d: tweaking movieclips, text and images

Hmm… I’m not sure if this is even possible, but here we go:

I’m working on a website. It’s really a basic portfolio-site containing a profile, some news and a few photogalleries. The idea is to load images and text onto the pages of an open book: however I don’t want a “flat” image of a book with straight angels and straight lines: **I want to have a real picture of my grandpa reading from a book. **This brings up a few issues.


  • Is it possible to “tweak” or disort a movieclip to simulate 3d? The pages will most probably be slightly curved, and the book might not be held 100% horizontal.


  • What about dynamic text? Can it be tweaked like this?


  • Is it possible to get a good result tweaking pictures?
  • How huge does a image covering most screen sizes need to be?


Peace. Frode (pardon my terrible english)