3D zoom

Hey all,

I am asking (again) for anyhelp or good examples regarding my problem:

  • I have a background circle image in a stage_mc
    in that mc wanna putt small _mc’s with houses. (house++_mc)
    some houses overlapping a bit but in general they are in a grid positions…
    -when mouse down on one of the _mc’s the whole stage_mc must zoom in with
    if posible a bit 3D camera zoom… on da clicked _mc while the others move out of sight (mask in stage_mc?)
  • after clicking on a button in the house_mc the whole stage_mc zooms out in orig x,y,z with the rest of the house_mcs.

hehe i hope i explain my wish…
i am testing and i need some help?

maybe someone can reproduce a simple fla function so i can only change the _mc?

Thanks in advance