5 to MX code conversion

I’ve been trying to convert some flash 5 code to MX but have failed in getting it to work in MX. I’ve been on trying to convert the sticky button code from mjau-mjau but with no success.

You can download from


If some one could please convert this code to work in MX it would be greatly apprecitated.


Any body out there?

its in MX for me…

i try to expoet it in MX and it stops working for me. Are your publish settings for MX or 5?

the only thing I can suggest is changing the variable number to nNumber or something else because it could cause a conflict. Also wherever you have Movieclip change it to MovieClip with a Capital C.

K ya i caought the Numkber thing but not the MC thing. I’ll play some more

ahhh i see… ok, i’ll take a look…

nah, I have no idea. the code looks fine to me… I’ll keep at it, but I can’t promise anything…

Ya i thought it looked good to. I changed the Number and the MovieClip thing and still it does nothing. I can’t notice muc hthat would cause it not to work. I was hoping a code monkey like LIB or POM would take a look at it but they are no where to be found so far. I’ll keep looking to. thanks for trying so far.:slight_smile:

Hmm… this is what I got out of it.

playamarz :player:

same thing playamarz… change the version to flash 6 in the publish settings and it doesn’t work :-\

Yeah, it doesn’t work for me either, but all the coding looks A OK in my book.

Hmm, interesting.

it may have something to do with using all of those _parent and such. I’m sure the problem is that one single thing is being called incorrectly and that caused everything not to work…

yeah… it’s an addresing problem =)

accel = .8;
convert = .2;
MovieClip.prototype.sticky_load = function(menunumber) {
	mysound = new Sound(this);
	this._parent.released = 0;
	somenumber = menunumber;
	iterations = 5;
	xstart = this._x;
	drag = 0;
	ystart = this._y;
	targetx = xstart;
	targety = ystart;
	r = 5;
	x = (2*Math.PI)*(somenumber/iterations);
	t = Math.tan(x);
	mycol = new Color(this.internal);
	this._parent.drag = 0;
MovieClip.prototype.sticky_update = function() {
	if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true) && this._parent.drag<2 && this._parent.released == 0) {
		if (!Math.floor(Math.random()*5)) {
			addcol = Math.round(Math.random()*151);
			mycol.setTransform({rb:addcol, gb:addcol, bb:addcol});
			duplicateMovieClip(this.line0, "line"+counter, counter);
		deltax = this._parent._xmouse-xstart;
		deltay = this._parent._ymouse-ystart;
		targetx = (_root._xmouse-deltax/r);
		targety = (_root._ymouse-deltay/r);
		if (!drag) {
			drag = 1;
	} else if (!this._parent.released) {
		this._parent["inhead"+(somenumber+1)]._visible = 1;
		mycol.setTransform({ra:100, ga:100, ba:100, rb:0, gb:0, bb:0});
		targetx = xstart;
		targety = ystart;
		if (drag == 1) {
			drag = 0;
	} else {
		targety = -170;
		targetx = (t*85)-56;
		if (this._parent.trigger == 1) {
	xpos = xpos*this._parent.accel+(targetx-this._x)*this._parent.convert;
	this._x += xpos;
	ypos = ypos*this._parent.accel+(targety-this._y)*this._parent.convert;
	this._y += ypos;
MovieClip.prototype.sticky_press = function() {
	if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {
		r = 10;
MovieClip.prototype.sticky_release = function(subname) {
	if (!_root.pause) {
		if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {
			this._parent.atext = subname.toUpperCase();
			this._parent.released = 1;
			this._parent.label = subname;
			this._parent.atext = subname.toUpperCase();


so if i just re address it like kax has done it should work?

ok so i tried out kax’s code and it kind of worked but not. The icon moved a little but then went still. any ideas?

LIB, POM SOME ONE PLEASE HELP. I have no clue how to change this code. i never worked with AS really untill i got MX any body i’m dying here:*(

Im trying buddy, but I just don’t see whats wrong. Perhaps its something right in front of me, but all of the syntax, addressing, and coding look correct to me, I dont understand why it won’t work.

I got it working correctly with my system… I erased some ;'s Which caused some problems but that’s it…

Hmm… I dunno… it did everything fine for me guys…

playamarz :player: