6 by 6 grid puzzle trick -- I CANT DO IT!

My brother just told me he couldnt work this trick /game out and i was like i will give it a go, and now i cant do it, its driving me crazy!!

ok what you do, get some paper.

Draw down a 6 by 6 grid with dots… ( 6 rows and 6 columns)

– You can only start from one of the corners (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

You have to pass over each dot in the grid and must end on the oposite corner that you started (start, top left , end bottom right)

You can only go sideways, up and down and you cannot pass through the same way twice (up then up again or side and side again… ect…)

HOW DO YOU DO IT!!! :crazy:

well, if allowed, I would bend the space so that all dots are at one place, and make one line trough all

lol I was thinking about that too. Just fold the paper over itself 5 times so all the dots line up and one line from top to bottom will go from corner to corner and make it through all dots … just 6 at a time :wink:

How’s this?:}

didnt end on the opposite corner Timage :stuck_out_tongue:

and you cant go diagonal.


sideways (left and right…)… Up and Down. and like i said you can not go the same direction more than once ( up then up is not allowed nor is right then right again, left and left , down and down, not allowed.)

say you can go right , then down then right again, that ok, but you cant go right , then right again… get me :wink:

well if you rotated the paper 45 degrees before drawing those lines it wouldnt be diagonal then :slight_smile:

following those instructions strictly, it is impossible.

it’s impossible even w/o the rule about going the same way twice.

thats what i think legoman… ill see what my brother has come up with when he comes over tonight… i doubt he would of figured it out but you never know…

soulty :wink:

btw you can go in one direction more than once. ggeeezzz my brother told me the wrong info…

so you can do up and up agan or down and down again, or sideways and sideways again.


That makes things a lot easier :wink: