9:30 in Paris: downloadable MX is available at Macromedia!

No comment.

WOHOO! Too bad I still am unable to connect to macromedia to download the trial, and my copy of MX has not shipped yet :frowning:

<insert scream>

grrrr… all the f@#$rs who must be downloading right now are keeping the masters from their golden prize… I’m starting to get pissed waiting… :slight_smile:

Great… now the f#$ing download and purchace area is busted.

see, I’ve got DSL, that means that all you narrow bandwidth muthas should just get out of my way so I can download it quickly and be done with the whole thing. :wink:

hey upuaut icq or email me

[email protected]
or 103257556 and when asking for auth make sure you put your name in there… i do not auth anyone unless i know who they are.

I got it. Took a while, but I finaly got in. I’m looking through flash now.

I don’t use ICQ…

nm then =]