this sure is a nice site… fun for a few hours! But not a much hours they put in this whole site… But i really like it :krazy:


That was awesome! I know what I’m doing on my break later at work. Must…finish…all…99…rooms…


hours, hours, hours

i dont see the real point of it, but still a nice site.

Room 26 freaked me out. This is awesome. :smiley:

hifi-thats some creepy shiznit!!

Yeah 26 was really freaky. Took me about 30 minutes to do the lot. Fantastic idea and great photographic imagery

**** thats creepy very nice photography though.

After room 26 scared the crap out of me, I was very leery about the other rooms. That and I realized that my sound was too loud. :smiley:
I finished up all the rooms last night, it was a nice way to blow some time. I wish I knew how that guy does some of those. It’s amazing!

The loader is bomb.

I finshed :smiley:


It took you two days? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, two hours just doing that

Oh I see. LOL I guess I shouldn’t talk because I haven’t even finished it yet myself. Got bored around room 32. :trout:

Ok… so in the “how’d they do it?” catagory: How did they replace the mouse, but still allow dragging? When I replace the mouse, I can’t drag objects.