A big first for me

Hey guys,

I just wanted to open this up and see what people have to say about it. This is my latest project I have been working on, and it has been quite an undertaking.

First, let me explain what is different about this site from sites in my past. For the first time, I have developed a FLASH site that is truly 100% dynamic. What i mean is this, the client has control over everything within the site.

For example, they can manipulate the menu structure and the submenu structure. They can control what type of content each menu loads, and what content is associated with each section. I have built a new “templating” system so to speak. Lets say the client wants a new section for photos. He goes and adds a photos section to the menu and associates that menu with a photogallery template, then loads his pictures into that template, and bam…a new photogallery section. He could then take that down if he wanted later, or add something esle? Each content section also has internal links that allow the client to link within the site as well. For instance, they could have a news post page have a link on it that sends the user to the photo page if the user clicked the link. So what does this mean? The client can now, truly make the site as big or as little as he or she wants. This is a first from what I have seen with flash sites. I am excited about it, lemme know what you guys think.


  • the site is still in beta mode, and there really isnt much “real” content, only fake jarb I have placed in there for filler stuff…and I didn’t use many of the more complex templates I constucted. Mostly just text box type stuff to get the site filled up quickly. I basically spent 10 minutes contructing the content of the site, and then made it live.

oh yeah, one more thing i added which i haven’t really seen on any flash sites is a history type navigation. Once you leave a section of the site, there are little windows which pop up on the left side of the window telling you where you came from and you can click on them to go back.