A button that makes a movie play continuiously backwards

How do I make a button that will play a movieclip continuiously in reverse? Please help.

on(rollover){path.to.targetClip._currentfram–} if that works? i seem to recall _currentframe is read-only?!..

Thanks I’ll try it now

I would like to use the tell target action along it… how would it look?\r\ron(rollover){path.to.targetClip._currentfram–} if that works? i seem to recall _currentframe is read-only?!..

Sorry but this: \ron(rollover){path.to.targetClip._currentfram–} \rdidnt work to make the clip move continuously in reverse.

Sorry, but it didnt work\r

select clip on stage, add:\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\rif(_currentframe > 1 and _root.zClipPlay){\rgotoAndStop(_currentframe + _root.nPlayDir);\r}\r}\r\rin it’s first frame:\r_root.zClipPlay = false;\rstop();\r\rthen, on a button, to make it go in reverse (it will play backwards and stop at frame 1):\ron(release){\r_root.zClipPlay = true;\r_root.nPlayDir = -1;\r}

thanx!\rYou da one!

Now all I have to do is get the reverse script to not ignore the specific stop points that I would like to place on the clip so that it only moves in reverse to a specific point.