A button with more than one animation?

i want to make a button just like the one on the main page of this site ( KIRUPA.com button left above) how do i make a button like that?

It’s just a MovieClip inside the “over” frame in the button.

i don’t understand you can you explain it better to me plz?

There are 4 frames to buttons : normal, over, pressed, hit area. The normal state is the logo, with nothing special, same with the pressed frame, but inside the over frame, you have to place a movie clip this time, that will do whatever you want it to do. Here, it’s a little random animation, but it can be anything.

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yes i know but how do i get a movie clip inside the over frame.

Create the movie clip, then your button, edit the button, add a frame in the over state, and drag the clip from the library.

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thnx for your help