"A cat's toy" v2.0 (Space Art)

Sometimes when you watch a nebula you think it looks similar to something and hence you name it after what you see. When i was painting this one i thought a piece of it resembled a cat playing with some wool. Can you see the cat if you tilt your head a bit to the right?

I got some advice from Greg Martin (:D) himself on what to improve, but for some reason I havent touched it up till now.

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Hello there!

This probably reveals too much about my inner self, but I see a Unicorn!!!

lrhb :hat:

Bottom right of the image I think i can see a face. Eye sockets, facial definition sort of reminds me of the new advert for the merc SLK or what ever it is. Bloody sweet, no cat though.


This is awesome. As what i gather from your post you painted this. I’m assuming on an analog canvas.

I see… a cup of coffee…

… I hate getting up at 5 in the morning…