A child was born

hello every1 u 2 kirupa( ur name sound like those of a sounthern india… i am from india too bombay) anyway i am a new baby in flash and i have seem some leason on ur site and flashkit … but i am still stuck at a point…ACTIONSCRIPTS!!! grrrrrrr… hate that crap… i have done c++( only a little )… but i dont think they are the same…
somebody please help


I’m down with helping people.

What’s your question?

For the record, action script and java script share the same proprietary language, but they are not “compiled” programs like C++.

i can aslo help … i know how to make something into a button. i can aslo make something into a movie clip. i am still learining how to make something into a graphic tho so dont ask me on that one. ooh and btw i know all action script ever written.

rhyle, do post intellible posts. I would also hate to tell you to leave or even…gulp…ban you!


Rhyle…Please Help me! i need 2 know how 2 make a button!

Draw somethin on the stage, pretty much anything will do…

  1. Highlight it all…

  2. Press F8, and click on button, and name it whatever the hell y alike.

  3. Bingo, if it hasnt already gone to a seperate screen for editing the button, then double click it.

4 Then start makin all the different images for,

UP = What it looks like when its just on the web page, without the mouse over it.

OVER = What it looks like when ya roll that squeaky mouse over it.

DOWN = What it changes to when the button is clicked.

HIT = I dont need to explain that.

If ya want the button to link to something on the net, tell me and ill explain that.

Sorry if that was a little simple and patronising. lol. but i dont know how good you are.

God loves ya

Uber Noobie :slight_smile:

thanks but i was playin lol

lol kintaro is a bad ass… where’d u get that image?

i got it from a MK fan site…im not sure which one, but look up mortalkombat animations or mk animations in about any search…they’re all over