A different look at the matrix effect by pom

One of my favourites. I was playing around with the original one from the kirupaLab by pom. and i came up with this . the ripple effect on the chain is tweened (check the large mc in the middle of the stage) i was wondering whether it could be scripted coz i tthink that would involve duplicating the thing while its moving and is there a way to make the foremost letter glow?

i believe there is a detailed tutorial on how to create entirley scripted matrix effect in “flashMX most wanted” by friends of ed.

is there a url from where i can download the code ??

could try their site

Or if you have no luck i can post the file (as i have the book and therefor have the swf file on disk)

posting it would be great thanks

ok here it is, i zipped it ONE problem the text on the effect is wrong, its set to default so youll have to choose yoyr own matrix style font but the effect itself is cool.

It says unexpected File format. Is it MX 2004?

it is flash MX
but i have windows XP
If you dont maybe thats why :!:

If you dont have windows XP ill have to post them as raw flash files (unzipped) and itd probably be ok.

tell me and ill get on it ok man.