A fairly simple thing

If someone could draw a rectangle with a border in flash, and make a txt file so I can edit the hue values of the border and background from there, I would be really greatfull.

Btw. I know it’s NTB, but I need your opinion on this. Is this font (the one in the logo) not readable enought?


Thx again.

The “I” is a bit though on the eyes:). Howevr, I don’t get what you’re saying. Why don’t you do it? And why do you want a txt file? It can be edited easily within Flash.

you could save the function as .as and load it in using #inlcude.

what Bohner is saying 2 all u ppl is that they want to get the Hue values and border from a text file so they can edit the text file and upload it to a server instead of having to change it in flash and upload the whole flash file again…

That’s right ignusb, but its gonna be used for a search-box that anyone could put on his/hers website and customize the colors. Juz give me an example how it’s done, and I’ll figure out the rest by myself.



_root.createEmptyMovieClip("boxMC", 1);
boxMC.lineStyle("0x003366", 2, 100);
boxMC.lineTo(someX, someY);
boxMC.lineTo(someX, anotherY);
boxMC.lineTo(anotherX, anotherY);
boxMC.lineTo(anotherx, someY);

That’s how you draw shapes using ActionScript. Ta-da!

I give up. Sorry, but did I ask how to make Flash draw the box it self? Let me say it again.

If somebody could draw a circle/square/whatever and type in some AS, so that I can change the color of that circle/square/whatever with an external txt file.

Example (txt file):
circle1 = #FFFFFF;
circle2 = #2F2F2F;

And by opening the flash (*.swf), the two circles would be colored by those colors.

I think you have to make it using the drawing api. That’s what newhopekenny did, and you then can supply the answers from the txt. btw, there’s a tut on loading variables from a txt here: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/externaldata.htm