A few problems with latest tutorial (platform game)


i read the latest tutorial creating a platform game and tried to create my own, based on that tutorial. mine can be found [url=“http://www.ipaz.co.uk/andrew/blob_blast.htm”]here. it has several bugs and issues, but thats not the point. i had some trouble with parts of the tutorial:

i tried to make it so that when you touch a red enemy you simply lose 20 health instead of dying outright, but it would not work for some reason.

i tried to attach AS to a frame so that when your score reaches 16, the move goes to scene 2, frame 1, i checked syntax, it was all correct, but it refused to change to scene 2

i tried to make it so that there was some sort of way to try again instead of having to refresh the page, but this wouldnt work either (i tried sending to another scene)

can anyone suggest why these will not work, or suggest code tko make them work? if you need to you can email me or add me on MSN messenger as [email protected]