A few questions

1.) Is there any way I can group variables. Kind of like an array, but can I command it so all the variables inside it will decrease by 5 etc…? This would stop me having a ton of lines of script just telling to decrease each vaiable by 5.

2.) Would it be better to have one huge map (for a RPG) or do seperate frames for different areas. If it was a huge map I could just change the position of the map to ‘jump’ to areas.

3.) Any way I can delete a saved cookie which I know the name of? I’ve saved some data in flash but I want to be able to revert back to normal after I’ve tested if it works, rather than being stuck with the same saved variables.

4.) How can I say something like

_root[item + /* numbers 1-5 */]._x +=5;

so that the obejcts item 1 to 5 ._x will increase by 5?