A few words to say about today's MMORPG's

Hi everyone,

For those of you who spend a big part of their free time playing MMORPG’s
(like me) I would like to say a few things, just call it thinking loudly…

well, first of all I bet those of you who bothered to sacrifice time to actually
download mass multiplayer online role playing games noticed that downloading it doesn’t only last for your whole life but also gets pretty annoying when you suddenly realize you got disconnected from the internet…well some of us do use DAP and crаp like that, but still…it sucks.

Secondly, not considering the first point, I don’t know if it’s only me, but almost every new RPG game is redicoulasly complicated…a few years ago we used to have RPG games (like Fallout1/2) in which you could adjust your player to your tastes (in a VERY simple and comfortable way), I understand that adjusting the player is important and may effect many stuff in the game, you can save the info for some noobs. The problem with (most) new
(MMO)RPG is that they contain an outragous amount of redicoulas questions that are supposed to adjust the hero, like for example :

“Where did your mother work?”
“How many children were you raised with?”

[both questions taken from PlaneShi(f)t beta version]

I mean, how can you even ask such things? and even if the user is dumb enough to answer them, how can the hero be adjusted with the answers?
these are questions which are not directed at those who porgrammed the game…I just wonder how they effect the player, because no matter how advanced they effect the player (if at all) it will never be logic, since asking where the hero’s mother (or father) used to work has (sometimes) NOTHING at all to do with the hero himself…

feel free 2 react :stuck_out_tongue: