A Final XML Question

Thanks to lots of help from people on the forum, I’ve managed to target an XML file from a _mc on my main timeline.

On my main timeline I have the following:

var My_XML:XML = new XML(); 
var rootXML1;
My_XML.ignoreWhite = true; 
My_XML.onLoad = function(success:Boolean){ 
   rootXML1 = this.childNodes; 
   if (success){ 
   } else { 

And in a movie clip I have:

question_txt.text = _root.rootXML1;

It works - but it displays the entire XML file in the question_txt.text box.

How do I narrow this down to display only one piece of information form my XML file?

In the past, I have used ‘childNodes[0]…’ etc but I can’t seem to get this to work in this instance.

Any help would be gratefully received - you have no idea how long I have laboured over this simple problem!

Thanks for the help so far,