A forum RPG game: Life of noblemen

This is an RPG forum game were you post your actions.

To join say i want to join and your chosen occupation.
You will start with 100 coins.


You will need to post the things you have and your occupation on the bottom of your posts here.

A hunter can hunt animals and catch animals to train.
A crafter can make things and build houses and buildings.
A farmer can breed animals and grow food.
Everyone can cook.

Don’t spam.
Don’t swear.
Don’t kill anyone.
You need to eat every five posts or you will dye.
People who break laws will be kicked out.

This is the store you can buy things here.

Axe 10 coins ( needed to cut trees down)
pickax 12 coins (needed to mine ore)
Hammer 11 coins (needed to hammer things and smith)
Knife 8 coins (needed to make wood things)
Wheat seed 2 coins (makes 5 bags of wheat if sown on a field)
oat seeds 3 coins (makes 4 bags of oats if sown on a field)
blackberry seeds 1 coin (makes 5 pounds of blackberry’s if sown on a field)
House 25 coins (you need a house to have more than 3 things)
Field 10 coins
Bread 5 coins

You can also sell some things to the store. These things are listed below.

Tin ore 1 coin
Copper ore 1 coin
Iron ore 3 coins
Coal 1 coin
Wheat 2 coins
Raw Meat 3 coins
Cooked Meat 6 coins
Tree 2 coins

People playing:
Jeffonfire (crafter)
Ectheo (crafter)
Templarian (farmer) (dead)