A Good Scrolling Text Box Tutorial

I know there are turorials on Kirupa but the good ones are for MX and the only other one dosn’t do what I want. I just want a scrolling text box (mabye with dynamic loaded text), an up and down button that when pressed and held will continue to scroll (but stop at the bootom and top), and a drag bar that will go up and down. I have been searching for a good on but with no luck. All the ones I have found have been poor quality or didn’t function they way I want. If anybody has a good one or a link to a good one please post. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi sintax,
I haven’t visited the forum for awhile so I have only just seen your post, I’ve attatched a fla for you to do with as you wish I hope it helps:bandit:

Thanks for the FLA. I’ll be sure to try it when I get home from my trip.=)

Glad I could help and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask…enjoy your trip:bandit:

Thanks alot man. Most people just post a link to a tutorial or some actionscript. This will be a big help on every project I do until I get MX thanks again:)

Your welcome:bandit:

This is probably the best text scroller I have seen for flash 5. One question, how would you resize the scroll bar regardless of how much text you have?

I have another very good scroller that I have modified!

It will load in text from an external .txt file and also reconise html from the .txt file so it’s easy to update!

Also you can just drag the content box and scroller to match the size you want it!

I’ll attach a zip later as I don’t have the file with me at the mo!

Here’s the file! I can’t take credit for the original, I got it off flashkit I think ages ago, I have simplified it a little and gave it a new look!

Hope you find this usefull. just drag the MC on to your stage and change the content in the .txt file - really simple and easy a bit like a component, but this is flash 5 :slight_smile:

Let me know if you find it usefull