A Google search story

So a friend and colleague, David Quirus, approached me eariler in the week and showed me his website [url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]Nocturnal Illusions. He then confessed that his website did not appear on any google search for either his name, [url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]David Quirus, nor the site title, [url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]Nocturnal Illusions. Granted, the site name has some fierce competitors such as an adult anime game aptly called [url=“http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/review/R46707.html”]Nocturnal Illusion, but there’s no reason why his name, [url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]David Quirus, wouldn’t bring up his own site. So I says to him (not verbatum), “[url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]David Quirus, I bet I can have your site listed at the top of a google search using your name by the end of the week.” Of course I wasn’t sure if I actually could or not… but I did. LESS than 48 hours is all it took for his site to be at the top of a [url=“http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=David+Quirus&btnG=Google+Search”]google search for David Quirus.

How’d I do it? I simply created a link to his site on my site using his name as the link text. That with a little luck and knowing that there are only so many other David Quiruss out there is all that was needed.

Just goes to show how powerful one little link can be :wink:

thats what makes google so relevant. Because it puts a lof of weight in what the link text says.

Gongrats for your buddy. He mist think you the shizzle now :thumb:

I smell…

Is it? Yes, I think it is.

A shameless website promotion.

How’d I do it? I simply created a link to his site on my site using his name as the link text.

Wow, with those kind of results from just one link, imagine the results David Quirus will get at [url=“http://www.nocturnal-illusions.com/”]nocturnal-illusions from the nine in your post above!


lol…I see youve been trolling the test forum :wink:


I troll every forum.

I am watching. :cyclops:

pretty amazing stuff on his site, the “love liza” movie intro is brilliant and beautiful

good promotion, senocular :wink:

There’s this stupid DJ named Reclipse who didn’t show up until 6 months after I put my site online. I hate him. :frowning:

Im not really trying promoting him… just telling how I got his site listed. :wink:

since i acutally know little of search-optimization/google-promotion, are there any good reads you’d reccomend?

…or should i do a “google-search” :trout:

hes pretty good, i gotta say

heh I dont know. google it :smiley:


This is what I do for a living.
There are many forums out there on SEO but this is the best in my opinion

I’m having the same same problem :-D. I think we should put your skills to a second test and get my site, www.thinkingdigitally.com, listed by google for Robert Olson :slight_smile:

digigamer, it’s weird that your “vote bush”-buttons lead to kerry’s site :huh: [/updown][/ot]


Salad fingers fans have to check out this paradoy. Its called bananna fingers…

too funy…

Episode three is so funny


Its an anti-kerry site :stuck_out_tongue:

:trout: :slight_smile:

ROFTLMAO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It links to kerry-04.org which is an anti kerry website. :rabbit: