A kinda simple question i guess

This is inside a loop where “i” goes from 1 -> 2

player_x = getProperty("_parent.player" add i,_x);

how should that line be?
i’ve tried all the ways i can think of… but no luck… like:

player_x = getProperty("_parent.player" add i,_x);
player_x = getProperty(_parent.player add i,_x);
player_x = getProperty(eval("_parent.player" add i),_x);


if i use: player_x = getProperty("…/player" add i,_x);
it works… can’t i use parent?

i’m not sure either, but i’d hazard a guess that it’s because your mixing old and new actionscript syntax together.

player_x = _parent[“player”+i]._x;

will work too.

…/ is Flash 4 syntax, while _parent is Flash 5. I think that SetProperty too is ‘deprecated’ (it means that it sucks).

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