A lil challenge for you

Is it possible to have 2 .swf files interact? For example, say my site is broken it frames and I have an .swf playing sound on the left frame but I also have an .swf on the right frame. Now each time I have a mouse over command on the right side, I’d like it to play its music…and have the .swf on the left side stop playing. And On mouse out, have the left pick up where it left off…and the right side to stop

hopefully you understood that

Just a small challenge to keep you guys busy for the time being :slight_smile:

oh my God…this brings back a lot of memories. The reason why I found this site was because of that very question. I asked the same exact thing! Times changed and so does knowledge. Anyway, I can now answer my own question as well as yours. No. There is no way for two separate swf’s to interact with each other. You could do it the hard way using CGI, but I don’t even want to get into that.

at least you know how you got here.

not true … you can do it with javascript.

here’s an example / tutorial



Thanks Supra… that’s one for the favorites folder

Thank you, I shall look into that.

I actually still remember how I got here too. :slight_smile:

I went to hotbot.com and searched for Flash Tutorials and jus happened to get this site :slight_smile: Thank god for hotbot