a list of over 20,000 tech patents related to social analysis and manipulation



I don’t even really know how to comment on this. I guess just … wow!


Which part are you wanting to comment on? The contents of the list, or the horrific presentation of it? :trout: Oooo my eyes!


Hahaha! The presentation is jarring in a sharp 80’s kind of way.


I guess this article makes for a good follow-up to the initial post ->


I’m not sure there’s a good comparison to be made there - which is funny because literally the second question was “Why is the regulation of medicine an appropriate comparison?” Its not like we don’t already have regulation around this stuff - an example being the recent GDPR which has caused sweeping changes across most of the websites across the web. And I wouldn’t say the algorithms themselves are to blame. They’re only tools in a grander scheme of possible abuse.

Taking a different angle, you could consider the legitimacy of software patents which is another issue altogether. I have struggled with this one a little bit myself, having heard (and since forgotten) convincing arguments against them. But I guess when it comes down to it, since you can patent a recipe, why wouldn’t you be able to patent code? They’re effectively the same thing. Some software/tech/ui patents are pretty ridiculous though. The bar should be raised it nothing else.