A little game for the hataz!

a game for all the people that wanna put a gat up his ass and blow a hole through his head:

<a href=http://www.kral.no/files/spill/laden/bin-laden.swf>Kill bin Laden</a>

hey dan post some info about the game that Thorpies, you and i are gonna be making


Me and VTS was wondering if we could make a tight ass game in Flash maybe a shooter game but wonderin if you would help being my ****** and all (just playin lol) but I think we could make it tight!

aint it great when you find out you have work to do this way. :wink:


boy the language in here is really degrading. :slight_smile:

Bet you could make a good one in under 70k… if you guys need help or tips, send me an IM.


a friend of mine put that up and is doing that site.